ARMO-GROUP Ingenieure


Ul. Dvintsev, 12, bld. 1, B, Business-Center „Dvintsev“
127018, Moscow, Russia
Tel. +7 (495) 787 33 36


ZAO “ARMO-GROUP” is an engineering company which offers a complete range of services, including creating of balanced and well-coordinated internal infrastructure of a building by planning efficient and safe engineering network, consulting, planning, project management, montage and maintenance of engineering systems for all types of buildings. The strategy of ARMO-Group as a pattern supplier of engineering services, “know-how” as well as energy efficiency solutions on the construction market, bases on principles of efficiency, reliability, comfort and environmental compatibility.

Efficiency and energy efficiency

Based on high quality of engineering services, we aspire to control the budget and to reflect the real expenses. Herewith the economy for the Client will achieved through appliance of best technical solutions, reduction of resource consuming and right allocation of investments.


Reliability means for us combination of innovations in the area of management, usage of innovative technologies and high level of responsibility in front of the Client. We extensively abide by obligations and conditions of the guarantee and post-guarantee maintenance.

Comfort and environmental friendliness

Efficient solutions for „green“, „intellectual“ buildings and energy efficiency objects form the mainstay for business of ARMO-Group. We realize projects on the base of high technology building management systems due to creation of comfort air exchange, reduction of polluting emissions and maximizing of natural illumination and ventilation. “Green” buildings provide enhanced comfort for user of the building and constant concern about environment. We work in accordance to Russian requirements (SNIP, GOSTs etc.) and „Green Buildings“ standards (LEED, USGBC, HQU etc.).

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