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Hetzel, Tor-Westen + Partner
Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG
Tersteegenstraße 28
D-40474 Düsseldorf

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In 1969 Mr. Gerold Hetzel founded in Düsseldorf a planning office for building equipment. This was a very good decision with regard to the timing, since a quarter of a century of reconstruction was coming to an end. High-quality construction was now the main concern, resulting in greater demands being placed on the technical equipment of buildings.

All kinds of buildings, such as administration and office buildings, department stores and major shops, shopping centres and malls, hotels, cultural facilities, hospitals and residential buildings such as apartment blocks required integrated, economically-oriented solutions regarding building equipment.

Mr. Hetzel, a well-known and respected figure in this particular specialized field, took up the challenge and managed the company by himself for almost 20 years, with the result that an engineering company was founded in 1988. Experienced partners who had been involved with the company right from the very beginning now formed a management team, and this was the birth of HTW, Ingenieurgesellschaft Hetzel,Tor-Westen und Partner. This step provided the basis to a consulting and planning company with more than 100 employees.

Fields of activity

Our fields of activity in technical building equipment:

  • Heat, cold, ventilation and air conditioning
  • Sanitary engineering
  • Water processing
  • Swimming pool technology
  • Lightning and day lightning systems
  • Weak and heavy current engineering
  • Central control technology
  • Safety engineering
  • Conveyor technique
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Power engineering
  • Consultancy on life-cycle costs
  • Accompanying through planning of lab and medical engineering
  • Fire fighting technology
  • Fire alarm technology

  • Related projects