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Mirax Plaza, Kiev

The building is commissioned by the Mirax group, one of the most important real estate investors in Russia.
Both high-rise buildings are located in an innercity valley. Office floors are designed ac-cording to western standards (class A), and will be organised in various patterns (open space, individual cells, think tanks and spacious conference areas).
Beside of these office spaces, a five-storey shopping mall with sport facilities, pool and restaurants will be integrated, as well as 6 subterranean parking floors.

Both towers are accessed via a spacious, two-storey, 12 m high atrium.
The façade features mainly glass elements, a fact which is not at all common in Kiev’s architecture. Both towers offer helicopter landings on their rooftops.

Beside of the usual western energy standards, special attention is given to geothermic energy.




Mirax Group, Kiev


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